Why Exhibit at IoT West?

Exhibit at IoT West to reach a high-powered audience of strategic, market development and technical executives involved in developing and applying IoT-enabled products and services.

IoT West covers cloud connectivity and control for enterprise operations and product/service development. Helping developers and enterprises to seamlessly enable their devices, equipment, facilities, and people for improved performance.

What type of Companies Exhibit?

Companies that consult, design, or manufacture in these target IoT categories:

  • M2M, Wireless Networking & Device Connectivity
  • Low-Power Networking Solutions
  • Cloud-based Automation & Control
  • Networking, Telemetry & IT Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Communications Equipment & Services
  • Data Acquisition & Analytics
  • Sensing, Smart Device Management
  • Applications & Platform Providers
  • Development of Cloud-based Products & Services

“This conference covered the topics of antennas, IoT, Power, and Automation, which are usually at separate conferences. This was an excellent conference since it showed how the topics were related. It covered all my interests and was well worth the money.” Donald Hanson, Innovative Power Systems

“It’s a fresh perspective from the traditional events and firms hosting IoT conferences.” Marc Adams, M2M DataSmart

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