Who Should Attend

Remote Monitoring & Control 2016 is a two-day international conference that serves equipment and facility managers, communications system operators, designers, developers and integrators interested in learning the latest capabilities and best practices in these rapidly advancing fields. The show provides an opportunity to network with peers, professionals and potential business partners involved in technology solutions serving a variety of applications.

Who Should Attend Remote Monitoring & Control 2016?

  • Managers of Infrastructure Systems & Mission Critical Equipment
  • Managers of Remote Sites and Equipment
  • Managers of Distributed Equipment, Facilities and Networks Managers,
  • System Designers and Application Developers
  • Communications, SCADA and IT Managers

  • Process Control Managers and System Designers
  • System Integrators, Value Added Resellers and Dealers
  • Managers of Power & Control Systems
  • OEM Design Engineers seeking to equip their products, devices and systems with the latest technologies for remote monitoring, control and automation.

Involved in These Types of Organizations, Companies and Operations:

  • Public and Private Utilities involved in Water/Wastewater, Electric and Power
  • Oil & Gas Companies/Pipelines
  • Mission Critical Infrastructure Systems
  • Telephone and Telecom Companies
  • Manufacturing, Process and Distribution Industries
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Security, Public Safety and Defense/Military
  • Public Works and Transportation Systems
  • Field and Mobile Service Organizations
  • Developers of Wireless Technology Products and Systems
  • System Integration and Engineering Firms