Market Intelligence Strategies for IoT Workshop

IoTWorkshop Date: March 28th, 2017
Workshop Times: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Westin O’Hare Hotel
Rosemont, Illinois 60018
In conjunction with the IoT North America and Connected Cities USA Conferences

Presenter: Marc A. Adams, President - SaYes Consulting Inc.
Price: $49 – Register Here


As our world evolves with the ideation of ‘connecting all things’ to and through the Internet, everywhere is where we see new trends, products and business strategies for making things faster, smarter, better, and just darn cool.

There are five (5) critical elements to building a firm foundation within the Internet of Things for emerging companies:

  • Strategic Plan – Knowing the “Why” (i.e., Vision) for the business makes the “How” that much more achievable.
  • Market Timing – Confirming if the window of opportunity between you & the marketplace is open, closed or stuck has high value.
  • Capital Resources – The sustainability to ‘finance’ or ‘fund your commercial success.
  • Right People – No matter how great a product, it’s gotta have the right resources in the trunk, checkin’ the engine and behind the wheel.
  • Market-ready Product – the art of getting to market (from “concept to commercial” status) with the right elements…before your window closes, revenues run out and your people pack up and go home is key.

In the past, we’ve invited both Emerging and Midsize tech and non-tech companies that have planned to either launch a product, enter into a new or existing market, gain a tangible perspective of their clients/prospective clients/competitors, and/or grow their existing revenues and profits, to understand the “value” of being armed with “Best-in-Industry” market intelligence within this evolving IoT space.

This (90-minute) workshop leads the attendees through in-depth discussions that are designed to point them to the reasons for  why including market intelligence as a very real part of foundational, strategic planning – from new product development, to product/service launches, to new market development, to competitive positioning, ideation evolution and more…business owners alike need to attend this session led by industry specialist from the highest levels of business and technology combined.

Attendees will receive sample case studies and a model of market intelligence planning tool/s around market analysis/intelligence research (for scalable implementation purposes).

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How Market Intelligence will greatly improve product/service commercialization
  • What impact multiple market segments feedback can have on company behaviors
  • Which company decisions should be made based on Market Intelligence
  • What alliances should be made in order to grow revenues and profits

Who should attend this session:

  • Business Owners/Executives
  • Product Evangelists
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Business Sales/Development Executives
  • Product Development & Design Managers

Get to IoT North America a day early and stay ahead of your objectives.