Today’s SCADA – More Data, More Opportunities

Anu Sood, Global Channel Marketing Manager , SkyWave  an ORBCOMM Company

Wireless communication has enhanced the possibilities in SCADA monitoring. Operations managers are no longer restricted to relying on auto dialers connected to phone lines for communicating SCADA events. They now have more physical reach by being able to monitor, control and automate equipment located at remote sites spread over large geographical areas. It has also been part of the evolution that allowed customers to move away from closed, analog connections to digital and IP (Internet Protocol) based systems. MORE

Merging OT and IT on the Internet of Things

Mike Fahrion, Lead IoT Strategist and Director of IoT and Edge Intelligence Product Development, B+B SmartWorx

I’ve heard some interesting comments about IoT lately. At one show, a rep from one of the global cellular providers told me that the growth curve in data plans for IoT M2M devices hadn’t turned out to be as explosive as his company had expected it to be. MORE

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