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Smart Energy: What is the Risk?

Morgan Meier, Technical Support Specialist
Plixer International

Smart energy is a cost-effective and sustainable energy system in which renewable energy production, infrastructures, and consumption are integrated and coordinated through energy services, active users, and enabling technologies. Many energy companies are moving over to smart meters, which allow service providers to remotely monitor the consumerís consumption, connect, and even disconnect power. MORE

CAN Versus Ethernet: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives for Industrial Automation

Kent Lennartsson, Research Manager
Kvaser AB

In industrial automation settings, like manufacturing plants and assembly lines, computing systems are used to replace the need for human involvement in the decision-making process. For example, rather than having operators at a cola plant use a machine to fill soda bottles with the CO2 levels needed for correct carbonation, the machine itself can be programmed to complete this task. While some lament the limited human involvement, there are several advantages to this method of manufacturing, including: MORE

Qualcomm, AT&T and CH2M Collaborate to Improve Water Management in Georgia’s Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources
Annual Smart Grid Revenue in India is Expected to Exceed $32 Billion in 2026
Research Findings Point to Upgrade of EMS, SCADA and DMS Capabilities during 2017-2019
Long-Range LoRa Gateway from Laird Enables Low-Power IoT Networks in Any Geographic Location
-blox TOBY-R202 and TOBY-R200 LTE Cat 1 Modules Available on T-Mobile’s US 4G LTE Network for IoT Access Packs
Advantech Launches EN50155 Certified M12/M23 Ethernet Solutions
Sensaphone Vibration Sensor Helps to Prevent Water Treatment Equipment Failure
TrendMiner Releases New Software Version 2.0
Introducing VTScadaLIGHT – A Free Version of Trihedralís SCADA Software
Wibu-Systems Brings Stronger Encryption for Industry 4.0 to the Hannover Messe 2017
GroundAware from Dynetics Adds 360-degree Surveillance Sensor
TopSpin Security Introduces Industryís First Enterprise IoT Security Based on Intelligent Deception Technology