Network Testing & Measurement Solutions for M2M

Todd Cotts, Director of Product Management
Mosaik Solutions

As I outlined in the first part of this series, reliable and high-quality connectivity is vital to the success of any M2M solution provider. In order to correctly configure and provision M2M devices (fixed or mobile) to connect to the best network coverage available, it is important the provider be able to collect and analyze specific intelligence about wireless networks. In the second part of the series, I will address the two types of network intelligence most important to an M2M solution provider: network coverage and network status. MORE

Resolving the Hidden Vulnerability in Security Systems

SmartPower Systems

A serious threat is putting many surveillance and access control systems at risk. This threat doesn’t come from viruses, cyber criminals or stealth intruders.  Instead, it comes from the wall socket where small power fluctuations can take high definition cameras, surveillance equipment, access controls systems, and other security equipment temporarily offline and even create gaps in digital recordings. MORE

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