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Balancing the Load – Paralleling Generators in Prime Power Applications

Jim Siffring, Generator Product Manager
Atlas Copco Construction Equipment

Power. Itís a necessity that keeps the lights on and equipment running in every building and job site. But in many cases, itís the true lifeblood of an operation, and an outage can be downright costly in critical operations such as asphalt or concrete plant or mines. In scenarios like these, itís especially important to have predictable and reliable power. And while specifying the right size generator is a good starting point, one might find thereís greater dependability, cost savings and efficiency in numbers. † † MORE

Connecting Remote Critical Assets

Brent Nelson, Senior Product Manager
Digi International’s Cellular Products Group

In solutions targeted for markets such as smart cities and industrial and oil and gas, critical assets are often located in areas where wired power is not readily available.† These assets are important to business operations and are producing operational and diagnostic data; however, because of their remote location, the cost of implementing wireless connectivity to backhaul that data is prohibitive.† Organizations will often manually monitor remote locations by having technicians visit these sites, but in an always connected world where operational decisions must be made real time, manually monitoring these locations is akin to inserting a blank tape in your VCR to record your favorite movie. MORE

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