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Managing Distributed Energy Resources with IoT and Cloud Technologies

Brad Williams, Vice President, Industry Strategy
Oracle Utilities

Billions of connected devices, from smart vehicles and smart meters to smart thermostats, smartphones, wearables and more, make up what has come to be known more broadly as the Internet of Things (IoT).  More simply, this is a moniker that had been coined to better define the proliferation of “things” or devices with intelligent sensors, the networked connectivity of those things, and the ability to leverage the data being gathered by them. MORE

Batteries Included

Mike Fahrion, Vice President of IoT Technologies
Advantech B+B SmartWorx

Wireless data networking solutions can be far more cost effective than their wired counterparts.  Power and data cables are expensive to install – often more expensive than the connected equipment itself.  It’s hard to get cables across rivers, roads, railroads and parking lots.  Things will stop working if a cable breaks, but installing redundant cable connections can be prohibitively expensive.  I recently looked at an application where it cost $150 to install and provision a $400 wireless network gateway.  That’s certainly more expensive than “Zero Touch Provisioning”, but it was much cheaper than running cable.  Providing that gateway with external power would have cost an additional $1,200, just to wire a single device. MORE

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