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Video Surveillance Considerations for Night Time Operation

Eric Olson, Vice President of Marketing
PureTech Systems

When designing a perimeter surveillance system, or even when adding new sensors to an existing system, itís easy to get caught up in the product selection, perimeter layout, camera locations, lens size and image resolution.† Unfortunately, most of this planning overlooks a very important aspect, which impacts at least 50 percent of your surveillance systemís intended purpose, night time operation. †In almost all cases, the limiting factor in all surveillance coverage occurs at night. Before any security sensor is purchased, or added to your existing security system, you need to ensure you are considering operation in no light or low light situations.† †For video surveillance, there are two main choices: a thermal camera or a visible camera with illumination.† Here are six things to consider when making the choice. MORE

When IIoT Meets Reality: Key Considerations for Implementing IIoT Strategies

Colin Geis, Director of Product Management, IIoT
Red Lion Controls

There have been numerous articles written about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the benefits it can offer industrial organizations such as manufacturers and resource production facilities. Very little, however, has been written about the implementation realities of effectively assembling assorted IIoT technologies and addressing various decision points throughout the process. True IIoT benefits come not from step changes like upgrading equipment to be more efficient, but instead from driving continuous process efficiency by developing a constant feedback loop for data collection and assessment, used to inform IIoT strategy.† While there is no one-size fits all approach, this article addresses common questions to help organizations build an effective IIoT framework. MORE

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