Automating Remote Systems

By Roger Franklin, CEO
Crystal Solutions

The network and video distribution industry has grown phenomenally over recent years.  With the explosion in distribution paths (i.e. telcos, content aggregators, web programs, smart phones, etc.) and the need to customize programming at various levels (local languages, regional commercials, unique graphics, crawls and ratings, etc.), the topology is no longer the traditional ‘single-origination-point-transmitting-to-multiple-receive-points’. MORE

9 Things High School Photography Can Teach You About Security Design (And One Rule you Should Avoid!)

Eric Olson is Vice President of Marketing
PureTech Systems

We all remember our high school photography class. Unlike many other high school classes, photography class gave you a formula to be successful.  Before you were sent wandering the halls of the school in search of a Pulitzer wining photo, they provided several rules to follow in order to help ensure that your resulting photos were at least suitable to hang on the inside of your locker door. Wouldn’t it be great if a similar set of rules were available for security designers? As luck would have it, many of the rules you learned in high school photography class also apply to security design. MORE

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