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Security Analytics and Visualizations that Could Prevent a Ukraine-like Power Outage

Richard Jones, VP Grid Security – Bridge Energy Group
Shawn Fountain, Principal Consultant – Bridge Energy Group†

Most readers by now have probably heard about the early January announcement of malware found in a Vermont Utility.† To those familiar with the cyberattack induced power outages in the Ukraine in December 2015 that cut power to nearly 230,000 customers for several hours, this was not a surprise.[1] While the Ukraine event is the only publicized power outage from a cyberattack, there have been other successful cyberattacks to SCADA and industrial control systems risking our critical infrastructure that represent a clear warning signal for utility organizations.


Three Critical Uses of Data for Off-Grid Telecom Power

Thomas Rahkonen, Chief Technology Officer & Vice President eCentre

Consumers in off-grid areas are rapidly increasing their use of mobile Internet services.†At the same time they not only expect service to become more reliable, but they also want network coverage to expand and prices for mobile data plans to decrease too. This is a big ask for mobile operators struggling to achieve base station profitability when they have no access to a reliable power grid.†So whatís the solution? MORE

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