Message Oriented Middleware – The Future of SCADA

Arlen Nipper, President & CTO
Cirrus Link Solutions

This article explores how the MQTT protocol combined with Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) brokers can improve current SCADA infrastructures by drastically reducing the latency of critical alarm and event notification while increasing access to data currently left stranded in intelligent field devices.  MORE

The Industrial Internet of Things – Decisions for the Future

Jamey Hilleary, Director of M2M Products
Elecsys Corporation

Most people yearn for the marvels and opportunities the future will present.  We are always anticipating the “next great thing” and at times can barely contain our excitement when it is finally within reach.  We will endure backorder lists and lines around the block to get our hands on the newest phone or tablet. The latest device, the coolest new app, and the next big internet sensation capture our attention and prod us to imagine what possibilities lay just beyond the horizon.  Technology is evolving at rates unparalleled in human history, and this trend appears to be continuing in exponential leaps. MORE

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