The Theft Happening in Plain View

Kevin Mays, Product/Application Engineer
IUS Technologies 

When most people think of theft, the first things that come to mind are high profile robberies: diamonds, banks, and department store safes. Maybe if you were a bit of a techie, you’d think of digital theft involving music and movies over the internet. In reality, the most commonly stolen commodities in the US are identities, automobiles and electricity.  That last one surprises most people, but the best estimates say that about $6 billion in revenue is lost each year in the US from energy theft.  MORE

20 Security Questions Facing Smart Grid Operators

Michael D. Zola,  Vice President
LiveData, Inc.’s Energy Division

The Energy Sector has become a major focus for targeted attacks, and is now among the top five most targeted sectors worldwide, according to Symantec1. The Department of Homeland Security ICS-CERT responded to more than 200 incidents between October 2012 and May 2013, with 53 percent aimed at the energy sector2MORE

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