Viewshed – Knowing What a Camera Can “See”

Eric Olson, Vice President of Marketing
PureTech Systems

With any type of security incident, it is imperative that the situation be assessed quickly and accurately so the necessary response can be taken.  In many cases, this involves the use of cameras via a video management system (VMS).  However, this is no small task as today’s systems can consist of tens, hundreds or even thousands of cameras.  With this many cameras, selecting the most appropriate camera with the best view of the situation can prove difficult.  MORE

Droughts and Wildfires: The Burning Need for Remote Monitoring


In the wake of last summer’s droughts and wildfires that forced the government of British Columbia to impose strict water restrictions, it came to light that the province didn’t have a good understanding of the underground water supply it was attempting to regulate. With an estimated “several thousand aquifers” in the Canadian province, of which only 1,110 have been mapped, it is not surprising that the ministry could not detail the state of their groundwater supply. MORE

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