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Winter 2016 Issue

WIN16-cvr- Choosing the Right Wireless Technology

- Wireless Technologies for Industrial Communication What to Choose?

- Satellite and IoT Connectivity? Check the Box

- Software-Defined Radio in the Oil & Gas Industry

- Renewable Energy Driving the Smarter Electric Grid

- An Introduction to Digital Mobile Radio

- Kuwait Oil Company Adds Wireless Instruments to 357 Wellheads

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Fall 2016 Issue

Fall16-cvr- When IIoT Meets Reality: Key Considerations For Implementing IIoT Strategies

- On Demand Connectivity: Simplifying the Industrial Internet of Things

- Remote Control: How Distributed Mobile Networks are Changing Remote Communications

- Physically Securing Utility Substations: Key Questions to Ask

- Security Appliances with Integrated Switch Even More Secure and More Cost Effective

- CHP Installations in Remote Locations

- Balancing the Load Paralleling Generators in Prime Power Applications

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Summer IoT/M2M Issue – 2016

IoT16-cvr- Managing Distributed Energy Resources with IoT and Cloud Technologies

- Three Considerations for M2M/IoT Connectivity

- Integrating Local HMI with the Cloud

- Creating Value from IIoT Data

- Wireless Sensor Networks – Applications in Oil & Gas

- Applying Remote Monitoring and Predictive Analytics to Satisfy Customers and Tenants While Keeping Costs Down

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Spring 2016

Spring16-cvr- Driving Real-Time Insight in the Oil and Gas Industry

- One Network to Rule Them All

-  Going Beyond Compliance: Using NERC CIP v5 as a Catalyst for a Greater Security Strategy

- Different Hardware Platforms, Same HMI Software

- Satellite Communications: Extending the Reach of Your Monitoring and Control Footprint

- Key Elements to Designing an IoT Network for Remote Monitoring

- 4G LTE Versus Wi-Fi Versus Bluetooth: What Every Aspiring IoT Entrepreneur Needs to Know

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Fall 2015

Fall15-cvr- Industrial Internet Solutions Improve Operational Efficiency for Fleet Operators

- Driving Down Your Costs with Wireless Automation

- Create a Better Remote HMI Mobile User Experience

- Site Knowledge + Predictive Analytics = Maximum Availability and Business Continuity

- How Can Remote Applications Grow with the Internet of Things?

- IoT Can Change How Remote Sites and Assets Are Managed, But Only if Devices are Secure

- Remote Monitoring and Predictive Diagnostics of Remote Power Systems

- Closed Cycle Vapor Turbogenerators (CCVT) for Reliable Remote Applications

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Summer 2015

IoT15-cvr- Safeguarding the IoT: Putting Security Front and Center

- Remote Device Management for the Internet of Things

- Not So Remote Any More: Incorporating Wireless Connectivity into Remote Site Equipment for Anytime Access and Greater Control

- M2M with HMI

- OMG Standards in the Oil & Gas Industry

- Modern IT Solutions Turn Worry into Confidence

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Spring 2015


- The Impact of OPC UA and Information Modeling on Monitoring Solutions

- Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Understanding the Threat to SCADA Networks

- Small Power, Big Benefits – Fuel Cells for Remote and Off-Grid Applications

- What to Expect in the Equipment Industry in 2015

- Wireless Well Pad Retrofit

- IT-OT Convergence: The Importance of Aligning Historically Disparate Technologies

- Internet of Things North America Conference Preview

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