Remote Industry Directory

282 Pages 3,500 Companies 7,600 Contacts

Published annually, the Remote Industry Directory is the authoritative desktop reference guide to equipment/systems manufacturers and suppliers.

Inside this high-quality publication is a comprehensive, industry-wide listing of remote companies worldwide serving all markets and platforms broken down by vendors and suppliers to the industry. Each company is coded with the market they serve to provide a useful resource guide.

With this handy reference, you will have your finger on vital company, product, personnel and contact information in this ever-changing marketplace.

We offer the Remote Industry Directory in three formats:

Database (Excel)

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Data will come to you in MS Excel Spreadsheet format with the ability to view, sort, search, and download.Generate mailing lists or use as a telemarketing tool with this easy-to-use database.

Hard Copy



Printed directory organized in an easy-to-read format.Great desktop reference.


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Same data as hard copy except comes in a handy electronic PDF version.Stored and viewed on your computer.

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