PCTEL Yagi Antenna for LTE MIMO Backhaul

PCTEL, Inc. has released its Yagi antenna to provide backhaul on a major utility’s private wireless communications network. The dual polarized Yagi antenna supports LTE MIMO and other high throughput wireless technologies in private wireless bands. This rugged, carrier-grade platform is also adaptable for smart grids and other advanced M2M applications.

“We designed this latest Yagi antenna to meet the exacting performance and durability requirements of a particular customer, but we believe that it will become the standard for a wide variety of outdoor and industrial wireless applications,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, vice president and general manager of PCTEL’s Connected Solutions group. “Our commitment to quality and innovation has made PCTEL the leader in performance critical antennas for private wireless networks,” added Bharadwaj.

PCTEL’s dual polarized Yagi antenna achieves high throughput rates through its excellent pattern isolation between its two ports. It has also been optimized to provide high gain for robust connections over long distances. The initial model covers frequencies from 814-863 MHz, but it can also be configured for wider frequency ranges including the 900 MHz band. The antenna is hard-anodized to resist both harsh conditions and vandalism.

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