Attention Software Releases SMS Gateway for 3G and 4G/LTE Networks

Attention Software has announced the availability of its SMS Gateway for use with 3G and 4G/LTE networks. SMS Gateways are used heavily in high availability environments, as an interface to system and network monitoring applications.  They provide a backup to Internet-based notifications, for those situations when the Internet is not available.  SMS Gateways communicate directly with the cellular network, providing an alternate path to message delivery.

Attention2GSMS Gateways are also used in environments without access to high bandwidth Internet.  Oil fields and remote utility stations use SMS Gateways, and the cellular network, to communicate status and alert data to central monitoring stations.

2G Sunset – a Mini Y2K
“Our customers rely heavily on SMS Gateways in remote environments, and as a last-chance delivery method for important alert messages in the data center.”

“In April, we exhibited at the IoT North America show in Chicago.  A prime topic of interest at the show was the transition away from the 2G network.  For those companies that have not put a plan in place, they realize the clock is ticking.  One Attention Software customer referred to the 2G sunset as a mini Y2K, since devices that have been in service for years, will just stop working, sometime before December 31, 2016.”

Support for GSM, CDMA and 2G-APIs
The Attention! 4G/LTE SMS Gateway separates the software interface, or API, from the SMS hardware.  This hardware independence allows the organization to choose any carrier, including Verizon, as their cellular network provider.  2G SMS Gateways, in the past, were exclusively GSM.  This forced many Verizon or Sprint shops to make a trip to the AT&T store for their GSM SIM cards.

In addition, the Attention! 4G/LTE SMS Gateway includes a 2G compatible API, providing support for the most popular 2G SMS Gateways currently in use.  There is no need to modify the countless applications that interface with the existing 2G SMS Gateways—the transition will take a matter of minutes.

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