PcTelKIOSKPCTEL, Inc. has launched KIOSK, a mobile center for communications infrastructure deployments. KIOSK is more than a mobile tower: it is an adaptable mobile information center, providing wireless coverage and other services quickly where and when they are needed. KIOSK simplifies communications deployments for applications such as disaster recovery, emergency management, remote construction and agricultural sites.

“KIOSK is compact, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use,” said Marty Singer, PCTEL’s Chairman and CEO. “It will make temporary communications deployments attractive for markets that may not have considered a traditional mobile tower.”

KIOSK adapts to a wide variety of site and equipment requirements. KIOSK comes with either a tubular or pneumatic mast, up to 60 feet in height. It can provide services such as wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi interconnect for data and IP service, LED lighting, a UAV landing pad, and wide screen displays for message board communications. KIOSK’s compact platform allows for clearance in many height-restricted areas such as parking decks and residential-sized garages. It can be towed by a wide selection of SUVs and other non-commercial vehicles. Once on site, KIOSK can be fully deployed within 30 minutes by a single person.

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