Trojan Battery Launches Solar AGM Line of True Deep-Cycle Batteries to Power Remote Oil & Gas Well Equipment

TrojanSolarAGMTrojan Battery Co., LLC has launched a line of maintenance-free, true deep-cycle absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries specifically designed for solar and other renewable energy applications used in powering remote oil and gas well site equipment.  The Trojan Solar AGM line is manufactured in the US.

Offering a three-year warranty for stationary applications, and tested to an eight-year design life under IEC 61427 standard for solar batteries, this initial release includes a wide range of Trojan Solar AGM models.  With its non-spillable design, the new Trojan Solar AGM batteries enable installers to customize the use and position of the batteries in customer applications.  They also are certified for non-hazardous shipping per U.S. DOT/IATA regulations.

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