GE Releases its Industrial Internet Control System

GE_IICS_IIoTGE’s Automation & Controls business has introduced GE’s Industrial Internet Control System (IICS). IICS delivers new levels of productivity for industrial assets and processes by integrating controls with Industrial Internet analytics – at scale yet modular and flexible for industrial settings worldwide.

IICS allows GE customers to connect assets to the Predix platform in 15 minutes, creating an on-ramp to the world’s first industrial operating system. The system extends the reach of GE’s Digital Industrial leadership down to the level of individual controls to optimize outcomes, powered by 100 times greater computing capability than standard control systems. IICS also empowers customers to innovate by developing business-specific apps powered by Predix.

Early IICS adopters report a +7 percent gain in asset performance and 22 percent increase in efficiency. By leveraging GE’s deep domain and controller expertise, the IICS solution empowers customers to improve operational efficiency, optimize production and unlock new revenue opportunities.

“IICS was designed to help our customers meet the demanding challenges they face every day in running their organizations with increasing efficiency,” said Jim Walsh, president and CEO of GE’s Automation and Controls business. “With IICS, we’ll be helping customers get more out of their assets – more productivity, more reliability and more profit.”

GE’s has built on its world class RX3i and Mark Vie industrial control systems, embedded in industrial environments around the world, to create an innovative, next generation platform for the age of the Industrial Internet. The system utilizes GE’s Field Agent technology as the gateway between the asset and the Industrial Internet. Field Agent provides a rugged, pre-configured solution for secure data collection and conveyance from the machine to fuel analytics that improve operations.

GE’s Industrial Internet Control System also includes:

  • Industrial Cloud Platform – Provides real time process optimization and control; minimalizes disruption to deployed application; Creates new value over time without having to retrofit
  • Secure Cloud Connectivity – Predix ready; Provides secure data collection; Enables advanced analytics; Form factors to meet the need
  • Outcome Optimizing Controllers – Real-time control; Defense in-depth security; Decreases time to market; Helps reduce unplanned downtime and enhance system performance
  • Mix & Match I/O – Remote, real-time diagnostics; Wide range of communication options; Modularity-simple scalability; Drives improved availability and simplified maintenance
  • Professional Services – Real Time control; Security at its core; Decreases time to market; Helps reduce unplanned downtime and enhance system performance
  • Intelligent Apps – Real Time Control; Security at its core; Decreases time to market; Helps reduce unplanned downtime and enhances system performance

IICS features dual or quad core configuration which provides safe and secure communication with either cloud-based or locally hosted algorithms and applications.

Two structural innovations make the new solution “future proof” for customers, who want hardware assets to be long-lived but remain optimally functioning. Hypervisor control technology separates operations from software so that the software can be upgraded without affecting the physical controller, allowing the hardware to stay in place and up to date. ComExpress processor technology allows the processor to be updated as needed, again without replacing the controller. This is critical to support the growing computational power available from the Industrial Internet, including GE’s Digital Twin predictive model for optimizing assets with minimal interruption.

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