Sensaphone Vibration Sensor Helps to Prevent Water Treatment Equipment Failure

SensaVibration2Vibration fluctuations in water and wastewater machinery are an early indicator of problems that cause equipment failure such as pump cavitation, unbalanced fans and bad bearings. Sensaphone’s Vibration Sensor can be permanently mounted on equipment like pumps, motors, generators and diesel engines to continuously monitor vibration velocity and detect unusual conditions.

The sensor provides constant real-time data to an accompanying Sensaphone monitoring device, which sends an immediate alert to designated personnel when vibration levels fall out of range.

The Sensaphone Vibration Sensor is compatible with all Sensaphone monitoring devices that accept a 4-20 mA input. The sensor monitors the vibration velocity on a non-rotating surface and conforms to ISO 10816 guidelines for mechanical vibration. Using the Sensaphone Vibration Sensor helps to safeguard critical equipment through vibration analysis and prevent possible equipment failure.

“Continuous vibration monitoring at water treatment facilities has never been easier,” said Rob Fusco, technical support and service manager at Sensaphone. “This sensor enables facility managers to be proactive with equipment repairs and maintenance to avoid expensive downtime.”

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