AQUARIUS Time-Series Deployed by U.S. Geological Survey in Private Cloud

waterAquatic Informatics Inc. is announcing that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), North America’s largest environmental monitoring agency, has successfully deployed AQUARIUS Time-Series in 7 of 50 states, on schedule utilizing Amazon’s cloud computing service.

“The USGS produces one of the country’s most important information assets. Water data are vital for effectively managing water resources to safeguard life, property, and the environment as well as to protect industry and the economy. When so much is at stake, timely information is critical. For this project, the USGS required ‘gage to page’ data velocity of one minute,” said Ed Quilty, President and CEO at Aquatic Informatics. “As of today, USGS scientists and hydrologists across 7 states are utilizing the incredible processing power of AQUARIUS Time-Series for real-time data computation, correction, and production, making reliable, timely water quality and quantity information available online within one minute of transmission from continuous monitoring instruments across streams, rivers, and lakes.”

Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New York states are now relying on AQUARIUS Time-Series to provide real-time information about surface water, groundwater, and meteorological conditions for citizens and local, state, tribal, and federal partners.

The USGS has deployed AQUARIUS on a private cloud operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet the strictest industry standards for security, reliability and scalability. “By deploying AQUARIUS on AWS, the USGS is getting a robust cloud platform that keeps the nation’s real-time water data available, safe and secure,” explained Eric Dorgelo, Chief Technology Officer, Aquatic Informatics. “They have a cluster of AQUARIUS Time-Series Servers, running on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) all backed by a geographically replicated Relational Database Service (RD) which together provides high availability, data center redundancy, and disaster recovery.”

AQUARIUS Cloud runs on the same proven AWS cloud platform as the USGS, offering the entire AQUARIUS solution suite as a subscription-based service. Environmental monitoring organizations of all sizes can subscribe to any AQUARIUS solution hosted in a private Amazon cloud, eliminating up-front capital and IT labour costs. Deployment is faster and system health remains optimal because Aquatic Informatics deploys and operates AQUARIUS.


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